Splendid Snow Boot

Splendid Snow Boot is waterproof and well-insulated, so your feet will stay toasty and dry no matter the weather. It’s super soft, warm, and is great for snow. When you have ankle pain from an old injury, arthritis, or tendonitis, having something that can mimic a brace, it might be a mid-calf or higher cut, that can be the most supportive. That one also has a very comfortable foot made to walk in.

It is manufactured with a waterproof leather outer material, the winter-ready boots have a non-slip sole that’s designed to prevent any falls on ice or in the snow. Better yet: they can stand up to temps as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the brand, so you can rest easy knowing that your feet will stay warm and toasty.

Snow boot keeps your feet very warm and dry. Even a half size bigger to give a little room for thick socks or hand warmers and it was perfect. It’s super easy to slip on and off as well and fit snug and keep snow from coming in the top. They are stylish and very comfortable, and impressed everyone at once. The grip on ice is pretty good and awesome.